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About The Play



Dr. Bob (Steve Brady) and Bill W (Patrick Boll)

Dr. Bob (Steve Brady) and Bill W (Patrick Boll)

In 1929, famous New York stockbroker Bill Wilson crashes with the stock market and becomes a hopeless drunk. Dr. Bob Smith, a surgeon from Ohio, has also been an alcoholic for thirty years, often going into the operating room with a hangover. Through an astonishing series of events, Bill W. and Dr. Bob meet and form a relationship, each helping to keep the other sober. This is the amazing and often humorous story of the two men who pioneered Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as the story of their wives, who founded Al Anon.






“It’s the best meeting I’ve ever been to!”

We’ve heard this time and time again, as Bill W. and Dr. Bob has been produced in over 35 states and around the world.

We have seen first-hand its impact and the motivation it has provided people who are dealing with the challenges of an addiction, as well as their friends and families, co-workers, and treatment teams.

The vision of this production is to celebrate the power of recovery, educate people about the disease of alcoholism through breaking down barriers and stigmas, and support outreach to all who still suffer and their friends and loved ones.

As many reviews have said: ‘This play is not just for AA, it’s a play for everyone.

Bill W. and Dr. Bob is being presented by The Hazelden Foundation through tax-exempt donations.

There are no investors.

All net proceeds go to support a college tour of the play to address the epidemic of binge drinking on campus, and to patient aid and educational resources for youth and young adults.

Bill W. and Dr. Bob © 2013. All Rights Reserved.